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Our know-how and love of fabrics makes us an innovative and reliable partner to our customers. We are passionate about what we do and constantly drive the development of new products forward to ensure our customers are always one step ahead. It goes without saying that in doing so the sensible use of resources as well as the protection of our environment rank high on our list of priorities. 

We regard our partnership with customers as a worthy challenge that we willingly take up every day anew.
When may we make your goals our mission?

We are a pioneer in the textile market with more than 1600 items, each of which convinces with quality, uniqueness and innovation. We not only make it our personal task to offer our customers fabrics with special functions, but we also always passionately research the development of new products. Our focus is always on „diversity“ – whether the variety of our products, the various industrial sectors that we supply or our customers around the globe.

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September 22 - 26

Unique and personal. Our fabrics are an experience for the senses – they need to be seen and felt. That is why we would like to introduce you to our expertise. Visit the exclusive presentation of our 2024 collection. Modern design and innovative ideas to make textiles even more beautiful and durable await you in our showroom. We give fabrics style and function. Our focus is on your proximity and excellent advice.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Fair impressions

Where to find us

Globa-Tex GmbH
next generation fabrics
Oeynhausenerstr. 67
32584 Löhne / GERMANY

The consumer is the focus of our product range: Our goal is to create products that appeal to everyone and meet the needs of all industries. We attach great importance to consistent further development, highest quality and absolute style confidence. With our tremendous passion for fabrics and many years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive brand world that offers everything from odor- and stain-resistant to flame-retardant fabrics.

We not only make it our personal task to offer our customers fabrics with special functions, but we also always passionately research the development of new products.

We are lateral thinkers, we are design lovers and we are visionaries.
Our goal is to give clothing a second life

To ensure that our customers can operate successfully on the market, we meet every requirement not only in terms of the look and feel of the product, but – thanks to our passion for fabrics – also with regard to the quality standards. Our products offer longevity and are free from hazardous substances, but we don't just stop there! With regard to all the fabrics in its collection as well as new developments Globa-Tex guarantees strict compliance with the requirements of DIN EN 14465 – 2006 for upholstery fabrics.


We are constantly striving for perfection and special awards, such as with Oeko-Tex® and CTL, thus giving processors the assurance of knowing that they have a competent partner at their side. Also in the future we aim to be a reliable partner to our customers, ever committed and willing to invest a great deal of energy and innovation into developing exciting new fabrics for our customers.


Our warehouse

With a storage area of more than 15,000 sqm in Germany, we ensure that our customers are always stocked with well over 1,600 articles.
Fast order processing, warehouse service and competent logistics are your competitive advantages in working with us.



Quality and sustainability are not a contradiction in terms

Here too we don't make any compromises. In the interests of our younger generation we place environmental considerations right at the top of our agenda. Renowned institutes, such as the CTL (Chemical-Technological Laboratory), continually test our fabrics on our behalf to ensure that our customers can always feel confident with our products, today, tomorrow and beyond.

Many of our products carry eco labels and in terms of both production and packaging are subject to specific guidelines. Our Nature Concept is designed to help you look to the future with confidence and reassurance.

For us, quality does not stop with the functionality of the fabrics, but with the traces that we leave behind with our actions.

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Our workforce travels the globe for you.

Feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to name the contact for your particular country.

+49 (0)5732 900 230